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A Worthy Investment

The fucktard called the other day after a long hiatus because he has been broke. I interrogated him as to why. Is he paying prostitutes? Is he going to strip clubs? Did he lose his job? He said he has been paying off the debt from our earlier calls. Well that is flattering to me anyways and I told him that it was a worthy investment for Princess humiliation. After all, one must fund the girl who loves to dish out the thing she is best at. Anyways fucktard spent more time than usual and gave a little tribbie to make the Princess happy, she is worth it!

The Andi and Britany Show

I’ve had a few inquiries on the Andi and Britany show, and a few appointments are set up for good girl, bad girl. Even though Andi is a good girl, so sweet and loveable, she does have an edge. As I dish out severe humiliation, I hear her snickering in the background. She truly enjoys it. When I hear her pouring on the sugar, I laugh as well because this boy knows I will throw a wrench in the works. Both of us love one particular thing the most and that would be orgasm denial and tease with no please. If you insist that you must cum, we enjoy hearing the begging and pleading.


Princess Britany