Eat Your Cum For Me for Coached Cum Eating May And Edging Phone Sex

May is eat your cum for me month. I will not allow you to hang that phone up until I hear you slurp and love each drop. Why? Because you are doing it for me. Little dicks, big dicks, all dicks will enjoy talking to me as I edge you along. I will be in charge of your big hot orgasm. “Cum for me” I will order, and you will do it!

Cocksucking Events On A Friday Night: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Yes, Yes, Cum Is Yum

When you call me, the first words out of your mouth will be Princess I am calling for a coached cum eating session. I will take it from there. Call me naked but not hard. I want to get you hard little by little. I want edges so it will last to a major blasting session. That’s right! I want lots of cum going into a glass, a plate, and if you are talented, on your back with dick pointing to your mouth. Because I am your bitch diva princess, you will follow my orders perfectly.

Eat Your Cum for Me: Princess Britany: 1-800-601-6975

Little Dicks Will Get Bonus Humiliation Time

I really don’t imagine a little dick pointing to that mouth while you are on your back with legs raised ready for the gobble. This is for big dicks unless you are super flexible. For little cocks, on your knees is a perfect Jerking off into a plate is the solution and humiliation because should make you and me happy. the verbiage is “My cum is yours, princess”. Yes, it is! I demand it, but only if you eat it. As you know, mostly I like to deny, but not this time.

Eat Your Cum for Me: Princess Britany: 1-800-601-6975

Yes I Am A Demanding Bitch, And It’s FUN

This is a demanding blog post as I always get what I want in a strong manner. I love to dominate and stand over you in a commanding way because this is my true nature, the nature of a Goddess. From a very young age, this personality trait was inherited as I come from a family of bitches.

Zane On Denial Till First day Of Summer…Maybe

It is spring , and boys are naturally horny. Boys want to cum in this season and this is your time to give me some awesome strokes. As I write this, zane is on his knees in a corner. Hi cock is in a chastity cage and he does not cum until the first day of summer. He is on a totally different May play. Last night he was edged and denied for seven times, locked and sent to bed with no dinner. Denial makes him focused, and me happy!

XXOO Princess Britany.

CORRECTION: May is Edging Phone Sex month but I’m not changing a thing here because you will do both for me. With grueling edging work and tease, you will end with a delicious cum eating fest! Prepare.