Calling All Cum Eaters

But don’t ask me to do it. I hate the taste of it and the raw egg like consistency. Many have tried and all have been shot down. Since I only like enormous cocks, often I can’t even suck it more that an inch or 2. This is why having a utility sissy around with a big Steven Tyler mouth and a wide football player type lizard throat is how loads get eaten around here. Anyways I wanna know why cum eating callers are so tacit. Cum eater callers hardly say a word beyond mmmmph. Now pahleze don’t tell me you are guilt stricken and shy. Just do it and savor it. Put pepper on it, cover it with hot sauce, dump it in vodka or beer…anything but mmmmph. Here is a great recipe.

The Recipe

One shot of cum (2 weeks orgasm denied)
pinch of sugar
dash of hot sauce
one shot of vodka
one raw oyster

Put a raw oyster in a cock-tail glass. Mix cum, hot sauce, vodka, and sugar. Pour on top of the oyster and chug. This will make you chatty!


On the subject of cocksucking and enforced bi, imagine Princess standing behind the tacit cocksucker with lips on a huge one. The cocksuckee is standing with jeans down, wearing a beer or sports t-shirt, hands on hips while jackhammering the cock in cocksucker’s mouth. Yours truly is holding the cocksucker’s head so the cocksuckee can wheel it in at perfect angle with no scrape of the teeth. Blast away and happy cum eating!


Princess Britany