Electroplay along with a cruel prison sentence is a fun phone sex roleplay. I just had a caller ask for the ultimate in Femdom of being sentenced to the “electrode chair” for stealing lingerie. I love being in the position of Judge, banging the gavel on the block.

Electroplay Sentence & Punishment: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Femdom Island

He is brought into the Femdom courtroom which is on an island, a sovereign nation. The nation is used for punishing lingerie thieves and other reprobates. The electrode chair is the main punishment. It looks like any other electric chair except it is wired to a big shock collar once used for dog training.

Electroplay Sentence & Punishment: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Led to Court with Y-Poles

He comes in naked and shivering, led by three Femdom with animal capture Y-poles, pulled to his knees to receive the sentence. He will be made to wear a pink dress, stockings, and heels while punishment is executed. He whines and cries as he is led in full sissy regalia to the large dark execution room.

Electroplay Time

The Mistresses strap him to the electroplay chair. Now he is really crying and begging as three leather clad Mistresses restrain and punish him. The restraints hold him in bondage as the electrodes are place on sensitive areas. “It’s time the pervert sissy slut pays for stealing panties. We will place these electrodes on your nipples, balls, sissy clit, and in your pussy ass with a butt plug electrode!”

His Pain is His Pleasure

So much for the sentencing, now for the pain . The Femdom see that the pain is exciting the slut, so they decide to put the penis electrode in his clitty shocking him further. This creates a huge load of cum blasting out of that little dick. He will at least be made to eat his cum for punishment, but unfortunately he likes the humiliation of this. The Femdom are so disappointed that his pain was pleasure.

Princess Britany