What is Emasculation Masturbation

Masturbation on your knees after Princess Britany has dressed you up en femme and demanded jerking off for her. That is emasculation masturbation! I think a sissy doesn’t have to be pushed into this at all. Any chance to stroke for a princess will be enough. So I will tell you how this starts, and it starts with humiliation, sissy humiliation.


Emasculation Masturbation: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Lingerie is for You

Imagine the picture and you are a sissy who has not cum in weeks, months even.I just told you to follow me inside. You see sexy pink lingerie on the couch and you imagine me dressing up in these just for you. Then I tell you to take off your boy clothes so I can emasculate you. Shocking isn’t it. Then you look at my naked body and you cannot resist. The lingerie is your size. Put them on I say. Just do it! As you strip naked, I finally get to see your cock, and it’s so small. Laughing is the correct thing to do. It’s so stiff I tell you. The emasculation masturbation begins as I provide plenty of humiliation.

Face Slapping and a Spanking

As I notice your eyes on my perfect ass, I turn around and give you a face slapping, then I order you on the spanking bench for the spanking of a lifetime. Crying are you? Oh you poor pathetic sissy. You got hard being emasculated, now you stroke your cock and I order you to eat your cum. Right now it squirts out with the vision of my naked body which you will never have. You are a sissy!

No Cumming… Sorry

This little story gives you edge upon edge. Ordered to edge all night, you are finally at the last one and I deny your orgasm. Masturbation emasculation has come to an end and here you are. Humiliated!


Princess Britany