The Bitter End Of Masturbation May

Masturbation May is coming to a bitter end because all of you are denied according to the Golden Princess. Ending masturbation may this way is the only way because I came through with the threat of orgasm denial at the beginning. The golden princess always keeps her word. I want all to know that my fiance Zane has lived through it with you except he will continue denial until the wedding day which will be on July 20th. After the wedding, a secret ceremony before the reception will be a collaring event and chastity device application. Then he will be chaste until the first anniversary. He said what an honor. He has been in chastity for much longer but it’s the ritual of chastity that is important.Ending Masturbation May, All Of You Denied: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

No Takers For Ignore Calls With Britany And Andi

It would have been so awesome if Ms Andi and I had an ignore call but no one stepped up to the plate. Ignore sessions with stroking assignments go hand in hand. I imagine a thirty to sixty-minute session with an ignore boy given a strict stroking assignment during the email. If all goes according to the plan, there should be a seamless continuity and the goal will be reached. I encourage all to give it a thought, as many enjoy a two Mistress call.

Crotchless Sissy Panties In Pink

On a call to a small cocked sissy last night, a Mistress in the company who liked my order that all sissies should wear crotchless panties when out on a date, passed it along. The reason for my order is that a sissy should give access to any alpha male to fuck her ass. This is a sissy pussy and she should wear pink crotchless for all alpha males who want to use her in such a way. Of course a blow job is ordered as well, and the sissy should wear pink lip gloss to glide it along easily. Imagine this invention: pink lip gloss lube for seamless blow job action. Let’s get this patented! In my imagination, I envision a sissy wearing a short frilly skirt in pink. She bends over for the alpha male to view a crotchless panty opened at the back for an inviting opportunity.

Ending Masturbation May, All Of You Denied: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Golden Princess Wedding

The fact is my wedding will be traditional, expensive, fancy, and almost a sissy dream. What makes it almost is because the gown will be white, not pale pink, and the groom will be a short submissive with a little dick. We are having it outside in a garden in Bel Aire. The gown and veil is by BelAire Bridal shop and I still am deciding on the gown. I can go either Princess or Vamp. Now what do you think sissies??? So much goes into planning a wedding. We are still in menus and the reception will be at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. The cake is a surprise and that will be designed by il Cielo of Beverly Hills. Hint: It will be a classic rum cake. If it were a wedding of kink, it definitely would include gurls.

I would have TG girls for bridesmaids dressed in hot pink with elaborate ribbons and bows. Zane would be dressed in sissy wear and my gown would be a gown of silver glitter. Actually Zane can wear a wedding gown and I would be in a tux with silver high heels. As earlier stated, it would be a full on collaring ceremony, and the collar would be on a pink satin pillow, the inscription, Britany’s Bitch. That would be so festive!


The Golden Princess