The Birth Of Dick Breath

I think the name has caught on since I named dick breath jay-me. He now uses it as his signature, other LDW Mistresses call him that, and he introduces himself on the phone with this. He is often seen in Walgreen’s makeup section picking up new pastel eyeshadows and lipstick. He is a complete sissy fag and loves it when his mouth is vigorously fucked by a guy wearing a wife beater t-shirt and a Mistress holding his ears to steady the aim. So now we have others following in suit.

The Esoteric Meaning Of Dick Breath

One guy called on Saturday wanting a “dick breath” session. I said, sure…but the meaning behind dick breath is you have to eat cum, and like it. To be a sissy with dick breath is ultimate, of course. you get more blow job dates this way. Submissive sissy is the goal, to be willing to endure a bondage session while being plowed in the mouth, and being stuffed with the strap on of Mistress at the same time.

Get A PhD In Dickbreathery

So I tell everyone to be a dick breath is a huge commitment. Learning to drop to your knees gracefully is to be practiced. Learning to clandestinely re-apply lipstick between blowjobs will be noted as a feat of honor and talent. It would be the equivalent of a blow job PhD . So think about it. Do you deserve the honor? Can you commit to the study of dickbreathery?

Princess Britany