Exhibitionism for the Brave Heart

Yesterday I had a fun boy on his front porch for a call in exhibitionism. The porch was heated and his ass was heated with dildos as he fucked a fleshlight. He was dying for a dick yesterday, and I’m quite sure he was noticed through the glass as he paraded around. Every slut boy into exhibitionism should learn from this post. It’s not all about CFNM.

Exhibitionism With A Fleshlight :Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

A Bi-Slut Needs More Challenge

I thought this photo would be appropriate to the post. Don’t you love this picture? An exhibitionist favorite. So, this boy is a bi-slut and cannot get enough cock but there are scenarios I have guided that I could do daily. Like having a sorority across the street and a boy on the other side opening the drapes slowly mocking a strip tease. I imagine me being there with a riding crop, making his ass move faster. I would take requests from the sorority girls on dildo sucking, anal plugging, and nipple clamping. I can hear the clapping and cat calls now. These days boys who are not adventurous like to hide on the Skype screen. I cannot blame them. Skype will do in a pinch. The real deal takes planning and courage.

The Sorority Girl Show: You as the Feature

The exhibitionism call, for me, must include stroking off on the window and the courageous get on your knees boy licking the cum right off of it. Right! Eat the cum and smile for the girls across the way who worked very hard to humiliate you. Turn around and give them a great bow and view of your plugged ass. Show them that you swallowed as they clap for a performance well done!


Princess Britany