A Fag By Any Other Name.....

A Fag By Any Other Name…..

The Big Black Dick Fetish Fag

Faggy pants twerk boi, good name but the name just had to be abbreviated for the sake of practicality. Thus this nasty book store slut is faggy pants from here on out. Faggy as I mentioned is not a sissy and is not a panty boy. He is simply a cocksucker and a lover of big black dick. He will reluctantly take a white dick is there is nothing else on the menu. A black dick of any size is his cup of black tea.

Off To The Slut Shop

Faggy pants did his slutty cum eating ambition of going to the slut shop to provide the lineup with the cock gobbling he is so good at. To get him to get into panties may be a challenge but maybe not. He is hell bent on pleasing me as my best bi-cocksucker in sordid places. So far so good.

A Small Penis Contest

I hear whispers about a small penis pageant. This information I will have to gather and investigate. I cannot wait to vote on this one. The winner will have to beat the smallest cock I have ever seen which is less than one inch. It looked like a thimble with a little swollen end. A pathetic small penis just screaming to be humiliated!

....Would Smell As Cum

….Would Smell As Cum

A Favorite Sissy Gurl

Speaking of small penises, one of my favorite sissies called the other day from London. I love her little sissy voice as she tells me of her visits to the humiliatrix site. Both of our favorites are the videos of the bitchy princesses sneering at the camera and jerking off their little finger. This little sissy of course imagines herself on her knees avec pink butt plug and a strap on in her lipsticked mouth by this princess. Dream on little swish!

Princess Britany