Feminization By Princess Britany LLC

Feminization by Princess Britany. That’s what my business would be named if I ever decided to open up a sissy studio like Glamour Boutique did. I remember a sissy calling me from the one in Vegas a few years ago while she was getting a makeover. She sent me her photo album of it. They dressed her in various sissy wear, did her makeup, provided wigs, and props. She looked amazing. My favorite picture was the schoolgirl holding books and a lollipop. Good touch!

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The Makeover Did Not Include Humiliation?! Whaaaat???

The feminization business must be very rewarding, however, sissy said his makeover artist did not include sissy humiliation in the mix. Well, dummy, it’s not her job? Duh…sissies can be soooooo clueless. Her job is to concentrate on the perfection of her canvas! Me however, I certainly would. It would be part of it…I would make her blush and get wood.

Feminization Album For Her Memories When She Purges

With that said. I did save the album. Photos all tucked away in a cute format, like turning pink pages. I wish I could show you, but it’s only for her and me, and any other big dicked man she happens to eat for a suck and cum eating session. Yes, she did have a sissy slut photo. This was pure glam, reclining like a film star in a blonde wig and hot red lipstick. Looking very very haughty! Ok, this paragraph a little bitchy? Yep. She purges a few times a year and I hate it. So far she has not destroyed her album.

Last week she finally made it to the year mark with no purging. That’s because she has been getting frequent assignments like shopping, humiliation calls, and yes…cocksucking!

Princess Britany