Free Phone Sex

Don’t miss out dum dums, and for the non dum dums too. You deserve a bit of fun from your crappy job today. You work so hard to pay the Princess that we want to give some back! I’ll try to stay on later but I don’t want to cut in on Lili’s ride tonight. If I’m not here, guess what you can do….hmmmm? Call another Princess for humiliation and tell her I sent you!

Lil Sissy Danny

Depraved ignore sissy danny called the other day. I did not do much of an ignore call though. It has been a long time so I wanted to catch up to see if her little sissy dick shrunk anymore. She did not have cam so I couldn’t see her little sissy outfit, I couldn’t see her stand in the corner for the duration of the call, and I did not see her cum eating session.

Tie Your Pink Bonnet, Sissy!!!

Tie Your Pink Bonnet, Sissy!!!

Miss Pinky

I would have loved to see her in a pink bonnet, and pink rhumba panties. Girlie bois all should have such a garment and hat. So cute to see sissy bend over paddling her little ass on demand!

A Sissy Fleet

Finally we are cooling down down here. A little rain would be nice to cool things off even more, to quench the land. I see many back east are having just the opposite. This weekend is sailing in Malibu. I can imagine having a fleet of sissy slaves all dressed in pink keds, doing their sailing work. Ahoy!


Princess Britany