Foot Fiend Davey gets His Lust Desserts

The Golden Princess has caught on big time since she was christened so by that little dicked celtic loser. Now I have boys calling asking for the Golden Princess Britany I now answer to this name for the foot fiend contingent and all. The deficient peen sissy slut was into all kinds of body worship especially the ass, feet second. Of course the peen will call again when it replenishes it’s wallet. I have a new boy, foot fiend davey. So devoted and willing to serve even with major ball busting. I love that because I take out my aggressions big time on his worthless useless balls.
Foot Fiend Davey And The Golden Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Golden Princess the Famous Bitch

Davey boy is like a stutterfuck when he addresses me, the golden princess…yes golden princess, yes! Throughout the call he is a total loser focused on the foot fetish. Because licking between the toes and smelling the sweat of stockings and gym socks together makes him swoon. He’s normally placed on his back so he can receive the most ultimate of the foot fetish menu: complete and utter ball kicking.

Traditional Ball Busting Fun and Frolic

I love it…kick kick kick but I also love stomp stomp stomp. Trampolined and helpless, he repeats over and over…yes Golden Princess, Yes! The dirtier the stockings the better. The more arched the foot, the happier. The Golden’s slave davey boy has it made when allowed to cum. He eats his cum for the Goddess of the Foot, the Golden Princess. Savoring up the spunk from his worthless dick makes him feel important because he serves. He serves therefore he is because his existence depends on the needs of The Golden Princess. Daily he serves because he has only foot slavery going for him. In the end he has one desire which is to be ball busted, better than before.

My Golden Ass on Your Blue Balls Face

Once in a great while he is my throne. I sit on his face and move my golden ass and declare he is subservient and below me, literally. It’s my world, and he knows it. Maybe he imagines being in silk bondage instead of rough rope. No way. He gets the gay boy treatment a bit rougher because his penchant for rough stuff makes him a bit faggy.

New Balls for an Old Battered Sack

Eventually the balls get way too blue. The way to handle that is foot focus and body worship. Here is when the three day panty hose stockings come into play. Nasty three day worn and slept in. Stud soiled pantyhose with cream pie desires. Worn under sweat pants at the gym. Three days of funky feet and pussy sweat. Welcome to my world of The Golden Princess.

XOX Britany the Golden Princess