You'd love to worship these feet, wouldn't you?

You’d love to worship these feet, wouldn’t you?

The Little Foot Man

My little old man “bottomfeeder” is a very special foot and body worship boy. Always respectful, always pleasant, always entertaining. Forever amusing me, his new thing is learning reflexology with his tongue. He presses with his tongue on all of the therapeutic points making a princess foot relieved after a night of dancing in clubs. Bottomfeeder loves verbal humiliation from little bitchy princess types. His permanent position is crawling on his hands and knees begging for an asslick after he has completed his foot duty. Bottomfeeder makes me laugh, and he forever pours compliments of my superiority to him. Sometimes it’s very difficult to be a bitch to this little old man, but I always manage. He just has a way. A princess will always accept compliments and will take them for granted. The flaw of bottomfeeder? He gets a little too excited, going over the tease and denial threshold. He needs to learn control with his bottomfeeding.

To Feminize A Willing Boy

You wonder why I havent updated you much on my social life? That’s because princess plays the field, dangles the carrot maybe a little too much. You see, I have no interest in dominant males. As of lately, this type of boy is running rampant in the singles field. Sissies come and go for entertainment, but what princess wants is a soft and malleable boy with out hard masculine ego. A boy that allows me to dress him up and into feminization now and then. Is that too much to ask?


Princess Britany