On Your Knees!!!!

On Your Knees!!!!

Free Calls!

Free! For two whole days. Isn’t that so awesome of LDW to let you get your groove on for two days. Free call details , recharge your batteries and call me!

Another Little Dick

Ms Fiona and I had an awesome call together yesterday with a boy with a three inch dick! as soon as I blog about it, it becomes real, and this one was so much fun. Boy really got off on listening to us giggle and laugh at his tiny little cock. I wished we could have seen it

Not A Sissy But Dickless

One cannot help to want to put the boy in panties. Unfortunately he was not a sissy, not even one smidgen! I kept forgetting that. How could I not? I mean, there is nothing there. The sweet thing about it is he was so humble and accepting of his dicklessness. Yes, this is what brought this boy over the edge was the small penis humiliation and all of the laughter, taunting, and patronizing.

Worship My Long Lean Body

Are you on board for body worship? If you are like Zane, you will like it hard with plenty of trampling action. Trampling and foot fetishism often goes hand in hand. You may be the gentle type who prefers to be on his knees worshiping a 5’11” Princess with a fine ass. Then get on your knees and bury your nose deep into my ass and know this is a complete privilege. Imagine me turning around and putting my foot on your chest pushing you down so I can sit directly in your face? Hmmmm?


Princess Britany