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Free Phone Sessions Coming Soon!

Do you deserve it? Mark your calendars for November 1st, and every day in November, because Ms Ally is bringing you the most awesome LDW/Enchantrix promotion yet! To celebrate our 8th anniversary, each day will bring you a featured Mistress. On her feature day, all previous callers to the service will have one ten minute free call with the featured Mistress. You probably don’t deserve it, and you certainly are not worthy! Be sure to check the cock control blog for details!

Your Phone Fantasy Menu

Since I have some free time today, I will be making a pre call questionnaire. It will be on the nav bar on top. For those of you who can read and write, and would like a bitch princess call with a totally awesome bitch princess from the valley, do fill it out and send it. I do other calls besides humiliation and sissy bitch calls, so check the selections that apply. As far as audios go, I still have not had time to record. Ya see, the princess is a perfectionist and a diva. Diva’s by nature are temperamental and spoiled.

Chastity Training and Cock Control

I’ve had a few inquiries about chastity training from some boys who have absolutely no control over their cocks. I suggest a program of intense cock control before you even consider chastity. Intense cock control means orgasm denial for three days to two weeks. Can you do it? If you think you can, than I will consider it. Chastity slaves tend to be a little needy for the princess. After all, if someone is controlling that cock with a lock, who wouldn’t?

Princess Britany