Mani Pedi Day

It’s been ages since I’ve done a body worship and foot worship post. It’s a perfect day for it, after all, yesterday I had my weekly manicure and pedicure. My feet were scrubbed  and exfoliated. Careful attention was paid to all cuticles , silvery pink nail polish was applied to each toe, and my fingernails had their usual french mani that everyone loves so well. It’s too bad a sissy does not do the perfect job my operator does.

Why Sissies Are Bad At Pedicures

Sissies need so much training. They get scatter brained when they see the feet of a princess. Their hands tremble, their tiny little dicks get way too hard in their panties, and their focus goes on how they wish they could be me.

Real Men Don’t Try

A real man would not give a pedi or a mani because they prefer to give the princess some money to have it done. He likes to think he is taking care of everything. He loves to be of service in other ways like hot real man sex and gift giving. Sissies do best in the cuckold arena.

It's Princess Britany's Foot Boy Teaser

It’s Princess Britany’s Foot Boy Teaser

Sissy Foot Rubs

What a sissy does best with princess feet is foot rubs with fragrant lavender foot cream. The lavender calms the sissy down so she can concentrate and massage the right parts. If princess is so inclined, she can tease the boi with her feet and bring her right to the brink, only to take those feet away with smug laughter.

Strappy Sandals Tonight

Tonight these feet will shine with my silver strappy sandals on the dance floor. Yes, I will be with a real man while sissy teases his little dick looking at these pictures tonight.


Princess Britany