The Femmy Variety with Flair

Frilly feminization has many styles. The sissy style is always the one with the most variety. Personally I find the frilly sissy with the most crinoline the best only because so much sissy humiliation goes with it. So, compare that type of sissy with the sissy slut in a tight mini skirt, heels, Monroe wig, DD breast forms, black patent leather slut pumps. Yes! Your eyes will turn to the bright pink petticoat and the pink patent Mary Janes. A short curly blonde wig with ribbons in it. How cute!

Frilly Feminization With A Sissy Flair: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Little Sissy in a Bonnet

I so love the frilly feminization with bonnets and lacy little anklets. Cute little empire dresses that scream….I am so helpless…I need a big strong man….look is just way too cute (until we see the innocent little sissy as blowjob queen). So if she does become a little sissy blowjob queen, a cum sundae with a cherry on top would make her also a cum eating queen.

Frilly Feminization with a Wedding Gown

Another frilly gurl selection is the bride or bridesmaid sissy. I prefer a very pale pink wedding gown with lots of fullness and frill in the dress with long, lacy sleeves. There must be tons of lace. The train is average because the fullness of the dress overtakes everything. The veil is sheer and virginal…heeheehee, as if…

Topping it off with Slut Makeup

Bridal makeup is subtle, but not in this case. Sissy is soft all over, but her makeup is a bit harsh and heavy. She looks like the sissy slut in an angel gown. For her nails though, I chose French tips with the lightest of pink sheer polish.


Princess Britany