Gender Reversal is Always a Halloween Possibility

My bestie Maya called me last night inquiring if I had any ideas for Halloween costumes. A brilliant suggestion from a humiliation sissy suggested that I dress zane up as a cheerleader, and I dress as a football player. At first the gender reversal idea did not click in my head because the last thing I want to do is cross-dress. After further thought, I could definitely look hot and sexy in football player tights. Now the shoes…well one has to sacrifice after all. Zane would fit into my cheerleader outfit and I could really spice up a football look.

Gender Reversal For Halloween Fun: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Carry the Helmet, Wear the Sissy White Tights

What would I wear on my head? Oh come on…do you really think I would spoil my princess hair which is the ultimate in perfection? Yes and no. I would simply carry a helmet and pass it off to zane when the margarita pitcher comes around. Zane dressed in his signature sissy white tights, pink athletic shoes, cheer outfit, and special bright pink lipstick with a platinum blonde wig. Because this opens the door to extreme humiliation and fun times, it must be done. He will be told to give us a nice cheer and rated X. I want to hear words like suck cock, spit roasting time, worship my Princess. I want him on a leash attached to a collar.

Football and Panty Hose Fetish

Gender reversal with panty hose instead of football tights? I knew a cross-dresser who hung out at Hooters to watch football games. The waitresses wore sheer pantyhose and he would go in to oogle and have ribs. He was imagining himself in the pantyhose. He wore pantyhose under everything and always slept in them. I do imagine pantyhose with control top would be a real sexy choice. Shoulder pads will be used and a spandex leotard underneath the shirt will flatten my fine breasts.

Humiliation Princess Britany