I will be on to take your calls, and you had better be nice to me…hahaha. Of course you always are. I rarely get a boy being nasty to me. A princess like myself deserves the utmost respect, always! So what you get, free ten minutes. Of course you can do more. Say you purchase a thirty minute call, ten of that is free. You can stroke for me for four min and prematurely ejaculate, it still counts as ten minutes. Use those minutes well and if you blast too early, too bad for you. Your penance will be to eat your cum that is if I can keep you on the phone to do it. Don’t worry I’ll be reminding you next week. In the meantime, go on denial to have a fabulous orgasm!

A One Inch Softie

I measured Zane’s cock last night while hard and soft. He is one inch soft and three inches hard. I just thought you may want to know that.

Princess Britany

Body Worship For J-Boy

I had a great call with J-boy last week. He is as always, respectful and generous. I decided to let him partake in some steamy body worship while studying the picture of me above. Guess what type of body worship…yes…ass licking, ass worship, leg worship, and sweet sultry face sitting with that sweet pussy of mine buried in his face.

Big Cock Hot Body

That’s not all, J-boy is such a hot big cocked man with a triathlete body, I decided to ride his stiff dick and fantasize him bound to my bed. Since he eats his cum for me, a sweet and tasty cream pie was awaiting him near the end of our call. Princess Britany

Not everyone gets this treatment of course. Only the special boys with big beautiful cocks and tight toned muscles. Now that’s what I’m talking about 🙂

Princess Britany