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Good afternoon, boys.  Are you ready for some small penis humiliation today?  Are you ready for sissy training?  How about cuckolding and queening?  Good, because I have had a huge variety of calls regarding all of the above and I don’t want to break the chain just yet. Not while I’m having so much fun playing cat and mouse.


Speaking of cat and mouse, let’s not leave out Giantess fun. I actually had a request of including a cat to hunt out a tiny boy. Now that kinda is pushing the envelope. I would rather hunt you out with my long french manicured nails, holding you up by the collar, taunting you and laughing at you.  Opening my mouth to threaten swallowing, putting you between my cleavage and working out.  All of that sweat could be a bit dangerous should I pick up the pace. Feeling you slip around between my perky tits feels really good. That’s how I really like my giantess fantasies to go.  It doesn’t matter to me if I’m growing or simply shrinking you, as long as I am huge and you are tiny, it’s all good!  Oh and let’s not leave out a bit of tease and denial with the smallest cock cage ever!


Princess Britany