The Giantess Whoopie Cushion Explained

Giantess whoopie cushion? Now what is that? I imagine a tiny boy being blown out of my ass, but in this case it’s pretty much like a trampoline. So says a boy tiny toy caller who had a vintage whoopie cushion from a joke store. This 2″ man claimed the cushion to be over 10 yrs old and he takes it just about everywhere? So anyways, he uses it most on phone fantasy calls where he imagines being stuffed into it while his Giantess Mistresses sit on the cushion creating simulated farts. He has the fantasy of being shrunk down, stuffed in , and challenged to run from the on coming asses.

Shrinking Man, Shrinking Cushion

His main dialog is “haha missed me”! Finally each day of the game, the area of the cushion gets smaller and smaller until finally he is inevitably crushed, or 2 or more Giantess Mistresses team together so the whole area is covered.

The Time Machine Whoopie Seat

Throughout the whole call, farting sounds are heard and he laughs. One would think he is a bit on the mentally challenged side, but not so, he is a math professor. He’s just a little bit odd. Besides the cushion he has what he calls a time machine equipped with a whoopie seat, so when he time travels, he can time the decades by the amount of farting echoes. O.K.

No Real Farting, Sorry!

His main fantasy is to be shrunk down and simply put in the cushion and have a Mistress blow farts over the phone, of course acting. His main question through the call is, is there a Mistress at LDW who can actually fart on demand? I don’t think so. Perhaps you can send emails around so everyone can have a nice chuckle? Simply a suggestion.

Princess Britany