What’s In A Girlie Boi Name

Girlie Boi names are very important for every sissy who is serious about learning the ways of femme. I always ask a new caller what her femmy name is. If she does not have one, it’s instant sissy humiliation. She has to have a name, plain and simple. Today a gurl asked for a name, and I always say, a name you have loved for girls for awhile. This gurl liked Kim and I said great, but let’s make it “kimmy” for a sissy flair. Kimberly would be classy, Kimmy is flirty, Kim is more for real girls.

Girlie Boi Names For Sissy Boi Gurls Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

No Names Familiar To The Boy Name

A girlie boi should never pick a name close to her boy name. Brian is not Brianna, Shawn is not Shawna, John is not Joan. My favorite gurl names are Tiffany, Tina, Susie, Trixie, Candy, Fanny, GiGi, Lisa, Moana (lol), Queenie, and very over the top names indicating that she would walk the streets at the drop of a condom.

The Coaching Of A Girlie Boi

New girlie bois are always fun to coach and teach how to walk, dress, and talk. Cocksucking lessons for new encounters and the prerequisite to cum eating from a cheap date is always a part of that training. Naming is very important to stress the lessons like ” Noooooooo kimeeeeeeee, get it right, dumb sissy“!

Get Shopping, Sissy!

The gurl I talk to today was a two week into it gurl stealing panties from her girlfriends drawer which is highly frowned upon by me. Get thee to a mall, sissy!! Out yourself dressed enfemme is the absolute necessity. I asked her if she snagged the panties, and she did not, just throws them in the hamper. Women are not stupid. That’s a no no.

Princess Britany