Sissy Bois Love to Shop

Sissy Stacey finally finished her girlie boi shopping assignment! She went into Forever 21 while on the phone with me and chose a pretty blouse and slim jeans, got help from a sales girl and found a dressing room. Isn’t she adorable posing for the camera selfie, face not included of course but if it were, I’m sure she would be an adorable sissy.

Girlie Boi Shopping Assignment Done: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Androgyny is Fashionable

It’s not so unusual anymore to see a boy in girl’s clothes. I’m sure the sales girl did not blink an eye! The music must have been deafening in the store because mostly i just heard bass. For shoes, she must find black ballet flats to complete this outfit, her official girlie boi shopping assignment clothes. Now what’s left for her? Well she did mention cocksucking …hahaha, but I think that will be saved for down the road.

Humiliation Boot Camp

It just so happens that a week ago I posted on a post about sissy shopping and humiliation at the mall. Go and read it, listen to my little recording and comment. Last night was unexpectedly delightful, and sissy stacey followed through with her promise that she would not disappoint me. Good gurl!

Girlie Boi Shopping Assignment Done: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Sissy Pack Mule Revisited

On the subject of shopping with a sissy, as I have done with zane, there is nothing better than having a sissy overloaded with packages. It’s so obvious she is a slave for a Princess as she stumbles about with a deer in headlight look. I scan the mall looking for girls looking and laughing, and there always is. Pointing with hand covering mouth, outright giggles. When a package is dropped, sissy slut bends over to retrieve it giving everyone a view of her panties. This will always make a Femdom‘s night!


Princess Britany