I love to tease feminized sissies with mall posts and recordings. Girlie mall training is in Sissyville, a town built and run by Mistresses, Princesses, and strict Femdoms. The mall is rather unusual. Yes, pink it is, with so many lingerie stores. Check out my Sissyville post and recording.

Girlie Mall Training To Sissyville :Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Princess Britany gathers up her new sissies and puts them on a pink trolly destined to Sissyville. She wants to show them how happy the denizens of Sissyville are. They have tons of lingerie stores and glory hole shops where regular guys go to for the amazing and enthusiastic blow jobs they get from the residents there. Cum eating is mandatory for all sissies who frequent the place.

Girlie mall training comes first, so the trolly stops at The Sissyville Mall. Are you ready for hu-malliation gurls? Yes, sissy humiliation is in the works as we walk in and view all of the meanies, the dominant residents of Sissyville, and they are always ready for new-cummers.

As the new sissies pile in, they are checked out and humiliated if they are not properly dressed and then sent to either room for “Will Suck Cock” or “Not a Fag”. The yes gurls audition with a big large cock, and the no gurls are humiliated about being too uppity and get a spanking… a hard one!

In the mall, there are discipline shops with toy selection. There are sissy maid stores, endless shoe stores, and of course the majority of stores are lingerie shoppes. Dress shops, a movie theatre with sissy porn, cuckold porn, and black dicks for sissies porn. There are plenty of cocktail lounges for sissies to mingle in. There is a grand girlie mall training dungeon. What more do you need gurl? It’s your dream come true!

Princess Britany