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Costuming A Sissy

Second chances are uncommon with me, but I decided that the boy for my CFNM party who chickened out, will be given another chance to show up this weekend. I definitely understand that outing for a sissy can be difficult and scary. Taking the first step is the hardest, especially if that step has a high heel. Cute sissies are not uncommon and my friends and I love to make them up and dress them really pretty. There is a great little costume shop in Hollywood which is actually used clothing from movies. This is where I love to bring sissies for dress up girlie training. Just down the block from there is a primo wig shop with human hair wigs as well as synthetic. A few more blocks down is a theatrical makeup shop with regular stuff for regular girls. There is no shortage here. So, shopping this week is coming up. This is step one.

Coming Out For A Sissy

Step two is the coming out for the sissy who has that big fear. Having Zane around is a huge plus, and he is such a cheerleader in every way! How will she react. She may run away. In this case there will be major humiliation for sissy. In some cases it creates a spark, and boom, she is all in. Accepting humiliation puts the cherry on top. Speaking of cherries, this little newbie has a dense desire to suck a big black dick, and that is ambitious for one so new!


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