A Day At Britany’s Humiliation Den

I had a fun conversation with J-boy the other day discussing a day in the life of zane while visiting Me. This would be a day when Lilly gets no attention from zane, and Maya, my bestie and I demand it all. Lilly, as you may remember is my horse, and she will protest not having any attention as a spoiled mare would.

Lovely Maya, My Bestie

Maya is a tall statuesque brunette with larger breasts than mine. We are the same height, age, and attitude. She doesn’t care for phone guys at all, but loves to humiliate in person with sissy nerds who like being human furniture.

The Humiliation Of A Sissy Boi

I just may talk Maya into being here for J-Boy’s call, but it may not be possible. If I can arrange it, I will be sure to have zane here on his knees taking the strap on.

What Maya and I demand of zane:

* A premium bottle of Tequila

* The strap on washed, warmed up, and ready

*Our shoes polished with his tongue and tongue ready for foot worship

*His sissy regalia of our choice ironed and ready

*Computers updated and fixed

*A premium plate of chilled shellfish with organic greens

*Pain toys out and ready

*Chastity cage removed for CBT and small penis humiliation

*Whatever comes to Princesses mind after a few shots of Tequila….dangerous!

*Orgasm denial

Hopefully, this can all be arranged for J-boy’s call!


Princess Britany