Where Are You On The Scale??

Where Are You On The Scale??

Intent To Shrink Your Cock

I had the most fun call the other day. Imagine calling for a guided meditation on the incredible shrinking penis. I was surprised to hear this request, very different from most small penis humiliation calls. A call where the boy went under as I softened my voice, having him visualize a bubbling brook and soothing music. I put on some meditation music in the background as he envisioned being shrunk smaller and smaller. Finally his cock was so small, he was told to pick up his tweezers and hold it up for me.

Enforcing The Fantasy

“Yes….your penis is so small, I will need a magnifying glass….it is so small, I may even need to study it under a microscope. As your penis shrinks, you will thank me for it…take a deep breath and go into a deep theta state. Listen to me…you have the smallest cock in the world!!”.

What??!! No Cum Eating???

I could hear him breathing very deeply and calmly. Suddenly I heard a shudder and click. The boy came and I was annoyed because I wanted him to eat his cum for me. I did work that into the fantasy after all!


Cock Radio Marathon, Cum One Cum None

Need something to do with your cock stroking hand tomorrow? Cock radio is having surprise cock jockeys to entertain your dicks. No I won’t be jockeying but I’m gonna stop in to chat a little and tease your cock a little, maybe a lot? You do want a free 10 min call of course. Details here.


Princess Britany