Happy Cocktober

It’s that time again! Happy Cocktober. It’s a favorite month for sure! We have Halloween on top of it, but Cocktober ranks first. That’s because the golden princess likes to make it her orgasm denial month. I like to lock the cocks for cocktober too, so get your cage out of the trunk and put it in your jerk off kit for inspection. Make sure it is cleaned, oiled, and ready for your use and abuse.

Great Perks For This Month

We have some awesome promos going on. Check out the flyer attached and take full advantage of the discounts. All of you are deserving though mostly unworthy. Get on your knees. You are entering the gates of the golden princess humiliation blog. Most of you have small dicks and you frequent this site.

Happy Cocktober May Your Orgasm Denial Dreams Come True: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Has Your Cock Shrunk Enough Yet?

It seems cock shrinkage is taking center stage on the phone. Happy Cocktober! It’s a time of shrinkage anyways. Fall is the time when things whither away and take a rest. Of course, the diminishing cocks taking a rest is the norm, no one seems to pay attention to shrunken dicks except the shrinkers.

The Goodies Of The Month

Cocktober is not just for shrinking of course. Chastity, orgasm denial, cock control programs, edging, pass the penis, marathoning, and small penis humiliation are all on the cocktober menu. I do tend to the crueler end of the spectrum, so let’s not leave out CBT. Balls need love too! Bam!

Ball Busting Too!

We cannot dismiss ball busting for a happy cocktober.  This is a specialty after all. Especially the correct way to ball bust without completely breaking them. I have talked to some whose balls no longer work due to trauma. This is cruel on the part of the ball buster. Some Femdom just love to hate small cocks. Holding them in contempt serves no purpose. Complete destruction leaves them useless and. no fun anymore, so save at least 50% functionality please!

Happy Cocktober May Your Orgasm Denial Dreams Come True: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Big Alpha Dicks Always Welcome !

Cocktober is for big dicks too! Now, these we treat differently because alpha dicks mostly like to stroke with tease and denial or tease and please. They are by no means worshipped with a blow job by me. I leave that to Zane. I order him over for blow job duty and he is on his knees pronto. His mouth cannot get busier because he is a sissy slut loving every cummy minute of it. There are definite perks to being in the golden princess circle. Happy Cocktober to all.


Britany The Golden Princess