On A Few Hours On Xmas

I will be on tomorrow for a little while to spread Xmas humiliation cheer! I want to thank peterteasetoy for the fabulous Bliss shower gel, and no peter, I don’t need help in the shower…I have a real man for that…teehee!! Youre a good cock tease boy. many thanks! Somehow you knew I would say that. My gift for you this holiday is orgasm denial 🙂

2 Princess Humiliation

Ive had several humiliation phone sessions with Princess Andi, and have had a great time with her. If you can imagine 2 Princesses telling boys how useless they are in sweet bitchy little voices, having the best of time laughing at the expense of boy, then call us. We love to work together to give you what you need, and what amuses us of course.

Happy X Mas!


Princess Britany