A New Meme, A New Assignment For All Happy New Year Penis Pumpers

Did you miss me? Blogging is one of my fun things to do and I missed humiliating you and giving direction. Today is a new meme from the number one jack off artist missile dick. He sent a dick shot in his new year thong. So happy new year penis pumpers and follow instructions on the new meme provided by the one and only missile dick.

happy new year penis pumpers: Ms Britany 1-800-601-6975

Cock Control For The New Year? Chastity Is On My List For You. Man Up And Do It. Better Yet Wimp Up And Give Me Control

Post comments on your progress, of course. I want to know every detail on your cock control efforts. Hearing about how frustrated and intense the session was because you are a stroker boy in need of relief with tease and denial. Chastity is always on your to do list. I want you to do it this year. I want to own that cock and tease you endlessly.

It’s Time For Cumpany

Normally, I post here at least once a week. Tons of company kept me busy for the holidays. Now it’s time for cumpany. Get to work, entertain me, and if you have a little dick, I’m delighted to humiliate it and make it squirm instead of squirt.

So Many Mega Dicks, So Little Time

Zane and I did manage to get away for the new Star Wars. Isn’t Adam Driver the sexiest guy ever sissies? His face is asymmetrical but who cares. It would be a terrible disappointment to have him drop his pants to reveal a small cock. This, I’m sure is not the case. I saw him once in the gym I went to in Hollywood. He seemed very interested in me but his girlfriend never let him out of her sight. This was when he was still an unknown. Too bad. I should have worked harder but at the time I was all booked up with mega dicks.

See you next time, sluts. I want comments especially from jackie boy pin dick. The perfect little tortured with cheap elastic bands!

Princess Britany XOX