Yep, we are offering again, absolutely free 10 min calls to everyone on this day. I’ll be here!

Cocksuckers Read On

Who is dick breath? Dick breath is to all who call me requesting bi-fantasies of sucking cock and eating cum from the guys who love a blow job from anyone as long as it’s good. He can just relax and imagine the lips of a sexy girl or boy. You are just there to give a good blow job. I say dick breath because you are probably so excited about pleasing this guy that you forgot your Listerine. If you are a sissy slut, I’m sure you remembered your tinted chap stick to replenish all of the skin cells that he had surely worn away.

Introduce Yourself

If you are reading this post, dick breath, when you decide to call me. I would like an introduction of: “Hello Princess Britany, this is dick breath Markie” , or whatever your name is. Then I will know exactly how to proceed.

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Cocksucking Skills In Order

Tease and denial goes very well with these dick breath boys because they are hell bent on pleasing. This works for me. I can concentrate and verbalize all of the subtle nuances of cocksucking skills, all the way down to the placement on the knees. The pressure of the tongue and the placement of the tongue, all very important.

Yes Cum Eating Again!

You are on your own with cumming, since he will most likely say thanks and walk away, if he says thanks at all. Here you are left with me, directing you to either be orgasm denied, or stroke to an explosive orgasm, in a grand finale of eating your own cum. You deserve it after all of that hard work!


Princess Britany