Hog Tie Therapy by the Golden Princess

I combine hog tie with golden princess therapy on this particular phone session. Instead of sitting in the chair across from me, you are on the floor in bondage. You would look up at me with soulful eyes in a pitiful way, and helplessly hard as I display my long legs and perfect ass. Does this sound like your type of therapy session? You are also gagged. In this session you don’t get to talk. What kind of therapy is this you think. This is golden princess style, reserved for the best clients!

Hog Tie Therapy Princess Style: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Jerk Off for Me After Your Bondage Session

You normally have face to face sessions discussing masturbation management in detail. The discussion leads to jerking off for me on your knees. Not yet, you have to earn the privilege with hog tie. Enduring golden princess torture comes first and mandatory. This is my preliminary and there are rewards.

Confession Time

After you are bound and helplessly gagged, I begin to read my notes all about you. How your jerk off habits have reached an all time high and you have lost control. Your porn hub watching is excessive and compulsory. It focuses on big black dicks in the mouths of either men or women. You go to tease and denial clips and years of chastity intimidation. Phone sex is always in between and you jerk off on cam when prompted to.

My Ass and a Face Sitting

Because you confessed this, I prescribe hog tie to give you an attitude adjustment. This will give you the promise of a glimpse of my ass and a face sitting. How could you resist! After reading the list of your transgressions and pronounced guilty, the fun begins for me. It’s time to tease the helpless patient with a variety of porn and panties. A box of my worn panties comes out and replaced with your ball gag. Which flavor did you like? The black dick? Could you guess?

The Threat of the Dreaded Ruined Orgasm

After enough interrogation and to my satisfaction, you are untied. Being an expert in bondage, I untie you at the right time and begin a different kind of torture. Tease and denial is on the menu, because after all that, you just want to cum. Stage two is in order of edge upon edge with the dreaded ruined orgasm being threatened. The vision of my ass in your face while you struggle with catching the edge just right is ongoing for at least an hour.

Hog Tie Therapy Princess Style: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

This very long session comes to an end finally. You are so hard and unsatisfied that you begin to beg uncontrollably for a big fat orgasm. After viewing the golden ass and perfect tits, and a stroke of the cock with the golden hand. Your cock is about to explode all over the wall. An ice pack is applied to that dick, a chastity cage is applied and The golden one declares “Denied by cage”.

XOX The Golden Princess Britany