What is a Hot Therapist Fetish Phone Session

The hot therapist fetish is always a classy role play ,because a super short business suit with silky stockings and white thong bikini panties mostly always makes a boy’s cock hard. I imagine a nervous submissive patient totally losing it when I cross my legs, catching a glimpse of my panties and stocking tops. He comes in for erectile dysfunction, and of course leaves a cured man. I get him to relax and we discuss the women he sees, what they do for him, if they get his dick hard, and if he has ever had sex. Then I mention edging and cock control. We discuss his masturbation habits and if he gets into porn.

Hot Therapist Fetish Phone Fantasy: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Now to Get Him as Hard as a Rock

Then we discuss pussy intimidation and the inability to get hard. Imagine the photo above with that little short business suit. Legs tanned from the summer and the little white thong. The look I have on my face orders him on his knees to prove to me that he has a problem. Then we work on that problem because his cock needs work and some serious tease and denial. To make his cock hard, a pair of satin panties are ordered on. Now we open the threshold to sissy play. Sissy often accompanies a hot therapist fetish session.

A Therapy Session Just for Him

There may be orgasm denial involved because Mistress therapist notices the cock is semi hard. She understands this may take some time. He needs to be relieved of his shyness. Mistress may have to take his cock in hand and stroke it a few times. She orders him to finish on the floor , and he does. He has begun to understand Mistress will bring him out of his shell. Now he will be come her slave and his cock will be cured.


Princess Britany