Poor Sissies Wish They Had These Perkies


Now how many? Take a guess. The answer is none because all sissies who have called me for tease and denial this week have been denied, even stroking. This week was a no fly zone, no stroke zone, and no cum zone. I promised one little slut who wants his own tits this picture. The big dream of sissies is to have breasts, real ones. Not the fake c-cup forms with the fake nipples. A favorite humiliation that I enjoy is getting a sissy into the frilliest femme outfit possible with huge gigantic forms , or even balloons filled with water. Socks filled with birdseed works well too, balloons filled with birdseed works better. No leakage. What do I do then? All kinds of things. Ordering you to dance to see the tits fly. Sharpen up my strap on dildo for a round of mouth, pussy ass, and titty fuck. What a lovely afternoon for us there, huh?


Now for one of my favorite subjects. Cuckolding the short bus mate. In that sense we can ask ; how many cuckolds can stroke the head of a pin dick. If they are allowed that is since I fantasize putting them in chastity cages for a long duration. So here is a good one. One cuck called yesterday and said he once had an average sized dick but his wife ordered him to have a penis reduction. I had a difficult time believing that he would have his cuckie dick reduced to a mere 3 inches. The result of the surgery rendered his little dick useless. I gets semi hard now which makes 3 inches look like 2. He does have a use though. The bull seems to like him when the missus is tired, the boy is a bi cocksucker  now so not all is lost!


Princess Britany