How To Address A Princess In Email Introduction

I get this email the other day and the subject box says “cum” and that’s it, just cum not even capitalized. The body of the email was just as cryptic. Should I answer? Sure, but he does sound underage. Let’s see what it’s all about, and he says he needs a coach and addresses me as Britany. Upon meeting your dominant you must not use her name with out the Mistress or Princess unless she allows you to. So how to address a Princess? Listen up.

Coached Cum Eating Training Would Be Taken Seriously

The subject line should be something like this. Coached cum eating, Coached cum eating training. Inquiry on your cum eating sessions, or simply session. The inquiry goes on to Skype and the details are given but no clue if he wants a session. I get an answer back “I am a little small though” .Then suddenly I see this add box on Skype. I don’t approve until a session is agreed upon.

In summary, do not send a session request email with cum in the subject box. The subject lineĀ  would be taken more seriously if he said SPH and coached cum eating. Ive written a few blogs about how to address a Princess, and most of that advice was heeded and respected.

How To Address A Princess: Princeess Britany: 1-800-601-6975

Narcissistic Princess Foot Adoration

As you can see I just love to be adored, and I deserve to be adored with my pulchritude and charm coupled with my fiendish ways. I am the bitch goddess princess with totally awesome feet. I have a huge ego and narcissistic enough to survive this world with all the drama in it which comes to….jacky boy…LOL. With little dick bound up in hair ties, the on the knee bottom feeder adoration. Boys like this amuse me because they affirm my superiority. Bitch Goddess high octave laughing in his phone ear, he also wears panties upon demand.

Good Pictures Of A Little Dick Confined In Hair Ties

I wake up to contorted and tortured hair tie dicklette photos to make my CBT with coffee complete. Every princess should wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand and a smile on her face. What does that have to do with how to address a Princess? Well just about everything!

Princess Britany