This is a post for all Princesses, Mistresses, Femdom on being a SPH expert. Yes that’s right small penis humiliation, and this post is inspired from the email I just received from the three and a half incher… hard that is.

How To Be A SPH Expert Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

First it is a different kind of humiliation, one that literally hits below the belt, in the most sensitive part of the ego. The penis. Femdoms know that a true humiliation slut will not get angry or hurt. They get super excited, jerk off the little peewee and cum. Most humiliating would be to have the pathetic one wear white leggings with nothing but a little pink thong underneath to show the size of a loser cock. Even if it is three and a half inches hard, it will still be small and everyone will notice. Everyone will laugh…very hard!

Am I a SPH expert? If it is so, it’s from all of the stories I hear from dickless wonders because of my mean girl looks. I prefer to call it bratty and bitchy because I can be sweet, and most of the time. Just not to shrimpies because I hold little dicks in contempt. If you resent little dicks, you can easily be a sph expert.

One of my favorite bitch moves is to grab the little thing and look him in the eye and say. This little cock needs a little pink chastity device. This little cock should be put on notice that it is not allowed to cum and should be on complete orgasm denial. I bet I could just pull it off easily. Look! I can barely get a hold of it because it is so small.

To become an expert requires strict observance and to keep a SPH journal recording experiences and note comparison with other Femdom. A Princess is a natural because a Princess gets the top pick of the best cock. Think about that. It’s true!


Princess Britany