Pump Your Penis For Me

Now that I have your interest because it’s about jacking off, let’s get started. I reckon it’s your absolute favorite pastime in the world. You could think about an interesting hobby like learning the guitar or methods to save humanity. But no, you spend a lot of time jerking off. This is why Masturbation May was born. Now you will be shown how to pump your penis the Britany way!

How To Pump Your Penis The Britany Way : 1-800-356-6169

See My Photo Section For Your Fave Jack Off Pic

Begin by looking at my picture. I have been a cock tease forever and this is my favorite pose for you stroking off. Now I order you on your knees for the workout, jacking off furiously. Stick your pathetic cock in a jar of coconut oil used exclusively for masturbation. If your cock is small, you will be out of luck when the level goes down. This is where the true humiliation comes in: a bottle of lube I throw at you and humiliate on cock size.

Small Cock Lubricant

The bottle is relabeled as “small cock lubricant” and you are ordered to stroke with your thumb and index finger while I laugh and tell you how cute and petite it is. I really don’t need to tell you how to jerk off now, do I? You started humping a pillow and as time passed, it was you and your hand forever. I just provide the coaching.

Pass The Penis With 7 Princesses

One of my fun things to do is a round of pass the penis with some of my buds in this service. I prefer to work with the magic number 7. The calls will end with me denying you any orgasm whatsoever, but you will be jerking off because I instructed you to. I like slow frustrating strokes instead of jackrabbit strokes because working hard for the right is the full intention.

How To Pump Your Penis The Britany Way : 1-800-356-6169

Hard On Style

As the picture says, don’t do it alone. You can choose me, or someone sweeter. My style is a bit hard on some boys but isn’t that the point of calling Princess Britany?

XOX  Princess Britany