Humiliated Sissies are so Many

Humiliated sissies! Endless ways to humiliate them, shall I count the ways? Yes, I will starting with the first fact of being a sissy which all others spring from. When a boy becomes sissy, or rather realizes he is a sissy, he has already raided the panty drawer of someone or at least tried on panties and lingerie. The word sissy doesn’t come around until he has hit the web for research. After the big “A-Ha,” he joins forums and clubs, and begins to seek out a Mistress either in a phone sex site, or real time. Where does sissy humiliation come in?

Humiliated Sissies Counting The Ways: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Little Dick Discovery

Sissy discovers he has a tiny little penis and has to live with it. Wearing panties? No problem, because no problem with a big lump in the front. Sissy decides that being a sissy is the only way to be with such under endowment. Humiliation One. He’s probably a nerd that does well in science. Mean girls recognize the sissy demeanor and take advantage of that right away. He’s a homework slave while these girls humiliate him about how they love having a football team guy and not a sissy. Humiliation two.

Humiliated Sissies Counting The Ways: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Bi-Curious Humiliated Sissies

Later down the road sissy gets a good job and starts collecting girliewear. Sissy goes to glory holes or online date arrangements enfemme, sucks cock, eats cum and feels guilty about it. Humiliation number three.

The Full On Jaded Humiliated Gurl

Between purges and domination sessions, she has become a full on gurl, jaded if you will, but still humiliated. Humiliation becomes very pleasurable. She then finds many ways to be humiliated unique to her own style, so counting the ways of sissy humiliation is personal. It can be 2 or 3 things or it can be an endless list!


Princess Britany