A Shout Out to Ms Claire for Addressing Humiliation and Punishment

Ms Claire brought this up in comments. It’s amazingly true. Humiliation and punishment go hand in hand. It’s a chicken and egg thing, but which came first? What really came first is the object of humiliation, which is most likely a small penis. The small penis then craves CBT a lot of the time. Slapping the little tiny balls and encasing the small cock in rubber bands gives punishment to the useless little thing. It should be punished for existing.

Humiliation and Punishment: Do You Crave It: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Let Me Count Some Ways

Some ways to humiliate and punish: A sissy is outed and discovered. A princess takes advantage and uses her humiliation skills telling the sissy what a loser she is and that she needs punishment. Princess locks a pink chastity cage on her the little sissy dick and takes her shopping on a pink leash for the whole world to see. This is complete punishment with little pain, except to the sissy. She is mortified and outed.

The Real Pain Slut

Humiliation and punishment is often seen in a dungeon setting where a boy is being flogged on a St Andrew’s Cross. Whispered to in the cruelest of way and brought to his knees after. His transgressions being announced so his ego is completely shattered. Painful, painful!

SPH Always Wins in this Arena

Humiliation and punishment is good with small penis humiliation of course, and probably the very best camp. The variety is huge in absolutely any way a Mistress can use it, and on any kind of slave. I now am more mindful that I can use this any time. Use I can except if a phone fantasy caller does not want to play in the humiliation and punishment camp. I don’t have many of those though, being a Princess of pain, a Princess of punishment and a Princess of humiliation.


Princess Britany