Humiliation Incantations? Yes You can Do It

Have you done your meditational affirmations this year, Your new age oms? Let’s get magical and creative as in humiliation incantations. Go spooky instead of kooky. Since I am being a silly Princess today, Humiliation will be less somber and more humorous with more sissy content because sissies are fun. Sissies at their best make for lively conversation describing wardrobes and cocksucking adventures. Sometimes a sissy is absolutely not into cocksucking .She can be ordered to suck the strap on instead. Get tied up to the brass bed frame and take it up the plow hole. Now the blog keeps saying I’m using too much of a passive voice. There is nothing passive about the Princess.

Humiliation Incantations: Kinks To Live By: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Examples Of Incantations

Humiliation incantations can be as such: with my conscious intent, I will transform into a sissy with huge tits built naturally. Another would be: sissy magic is losing the cock into a swirling vortex. Yet another, because I am becoming a girl, I will shop today with pride.

Set The Mood, Get Spooky

On these occasions dress in silky black, light a white pillar candle and envision the sissy clit shrinking slowly until it completely disappears. Compose an incantation of your own to conjure up semens for the finale of the fantasy. In other words jerk off to the fantasy like you normally do. In our chanting, semens replaces demons. There is nothing demonic about an orgasm in my knowing. While you are chanting, wave your hands in the candle flame and then chant Wooo Wooo to seal the spell 🙂

Brainstorming Your Way To Successful Woo Wooing

Back to humiliation incantations which is the topic of this blog post. Get your notebook out and write down your humiliation fetishes. If you have a small penis humiliation you will continue to brainstorm with ways to shrink your cock in novel ways. Write incantations for it with the mindset of erasing the cock. A cock control fetish will devise ways to never need a chastity cage. You will conjure incantations of being the expert in orgasm denial and control. Sissy fetishes need not be explained. Everyone knows the more feminine the better. Conjure the Britany Princess Diva look because times are changing and the time to seal the intent is here…yes…Woo Woo! 🙂

Humiliation Princess Britany XOX