OMG! Are you humping that pillow???? Good Times!

OMG! Are you humping that pillow???? Good Times!


I could make hump day humiliation a weekly thing I suppose. I think it would be fun. Now what shall I address today? So many sissies, so many posts. I think I will venture into other areas like my all time favorite…CFNM!

What’s Your Style

CFNM is a most popular humiliation fetish. Now the attire will vary depending on the slutty performer. My favorite show is a sissy or not, dressed as a stripper. No lap dances. Who wants a sweaty slut on your lap. No Princess does. Instead, slut is on his knees taking the dildo in one or both ends.


Another attire can be a cheerleader doing creative cheers. Eventually that cheerleading outfit will have to come off to go with the program of being the naked and humiliated CFNM boy.


The classic “costume” of course is naked with a sheer apron, maybe a bow tie, holding a cocktail tray. A CFNM boy can also be human furniture, used as a footrest or a coffee table. to be a table is a challenge. A long stemmed cocktail or wine glass can easily spill. Instant punishment!

Naked With A Cocklock!

My very personal preference? The Zane style….naked with only a cock cage, 5 to 6 more Princesses laughing and pointing, and the order to bend over and accept the piggy style buttplug, and squeeze real tight!


Princess Britany