Ignore Call with Mistress Roxie And A Pathetic Loser

Yesterday I had the most fun call in quite a long time with Mistress Roxie and a pathetic silent boy. Calling two Mistresses to listen to them talk is a form of voyeurism I call ignore call voyeurism. The topic Ms Roxie and I addressed was humiliation gags. Ms Roxie enlightened me to the fact that they have come a long way. We had such fun inventing fantasies to do while using them.

Ignore Caller Profile

Ignore callers vary greatly. The basic type of ignore loser is the one who simply remains silent, sorting out the conversation between two Mistresses. The boy serious about this brand of humiliation may imagine himself kneeling on the floor with hands tied in back sporting a penis gag. He may also be blindfolded with music playing on a headset listening to music he absolutely hates. They can be recordings of Mistress or Mistresses repeating the loser lexicon. If he has a little dick then he will be humiliated over and over about it. Mistress or Mistresses will not address him directly as he is being treated as an object that is only in thought and not form. Ignore call voyeurism can take on so many dimensions.

Ignore Call Voyeurism With Multiple Mistresses : The Golden Princess 1-800-601-6975

Humiliation Gags For Losers

The humiliation gags are truly humiliating to look at. The large inventory is on scott paul designs dot com. My fave is the house cleaning series which includes a feather duster, a boy toylet brush, a tray and ashtray. The “powder room” series has a t brush and tp roll dispenser. Guess what my fave is? Ha you guessed right if you thought the boy toy-let brush. Just imagine the sissy maid doing her cleaning rounds with the gag and t-let brush in her mouth and the big black butt-plug in her pussy ass. “Are you done with the bathroom sissy?? It had better pass the white glove test or else. Ihe penance would be you dressed as a boy for the rest of the month. Now hop to it, loser”.

Humiliation Gag Versatility

The only thing I would change in the series? Yes the stainless steel and black rubber is nice and very dominant. I would also have bright pink. The feather duster would be pink plumes and a pink saying handle. The black ashtray would be a hot pink with tasty pink cigarettes to match.

A Movie For Sissies And There Will Be A Test On It

Roxie said she was in flight watching Oppenheimer, winner of quite a few academy awards. Then the subject turned to Cillian Murphy and his old movie Breakfast on Pluto. He plays a pretty Trans Girl named Kitten Braden. Sissies must watch this old film to study the fine art of being a girl. If I were to tutor a sissy on walking talking and just being a girl, she would be in a constant state of tears. I would expect perfection beyond imagination. In this case, I would be like a governess with a cane. sissy must walk to perfection. If Kitten Braden can learn so shall you. My signature: Property Of The Golden Princess would be on the cane. Instead of a tight pencil skirt I would wear a snug mini skirt to show off the power of my legs.

Ignore Call Voyeurism With Multiple Mistresses: The Golden Princess: 1-800-601-6975

ignore call voyeurism without a doubt are my fave calls ever. Ignore is the ultimate humiliation session. Filing my nails is only good if you can hear that nail file doing it’s work. Ignore calls work if I am going out for a shopping day with a ditzie sissy. The open phone will be on the table so the ignore caller can hear my loud voice ordering the sissy about for a day of shopping. “Did you bring your credit card pansie? I have my heart set on a new pair of heels, and the had better have my size or YOU will be punished, sissy”

Now get ready after you drop to the floor and kiss my feet. Hurry up, slut, the day is ahead of us.

Oh the phone on the table? Do not hang it up. There is a loser on the line and he had better be still on the line when we get back…….or else!


The Golden Princess Britany

Ignore Call Voyeurism With Multiple Mistresses: The Golden Princess: 1-800-601-6975