Get Your Ignore Calls Month On With The Bitch Goddess Divas

Ms. Andi and I have decided to team up for ignore calls. We had such a great call together the other day giggling and humiliating a boy on Skype. We had him standing in the corner with his pants down. His butt was not red so we made him paddle his ass until it was. Ignore calls with spanking is a great combination.

Ignore Calls Month For Boys Who Need It

Enjoy The Diversity With Two Princesses Being Ignored While We Carry On

We call ourselves the Bitch Goddess Divas, and well deserved. Ms. Andi is different from me. She is the sweet one but don’t underestimate her. She is a bitch in a more subtle way. I’m more overt. It’s so nice to have a good balance. Princess Humiliation is best with one boy who is most submissive and never one fraction of dominant.

Humiliation Beyond Expectations

Working together with a conversation of our dates, parties, and sexy encounters makes for good listening since you may be ordered mostly to keep your mouth shut.  Why? Because we can and we will! If you tell us your weaknesses in a pre-session email, we will be sure to humiliate you beyond your expectations.

What Is Your Kink? We Will Hold It Over Your Head

We absolutely love the small penis boys who crave cock control and chastity, but, it’s not limited to that. Proof of the shrunken cock with your little tape measure is a delight. Confessions of every type is highly encouraged. You will work hard for us and work up a sweat as you rest on your knees listening to us while you must remain silent.

Let’s See How Well Behaved You Are

Eventually, we may do promotional calls but for now, we are offering our talent to work together as a team with you as the subject. You will enjoy all of the attention you will not be given.


Princess Britany