One of my very favorite types of humiliation calls is an ignore call, but I already addressed that in a previous post. Remember that loser who calls for 24 min and hopes my friends get on 3 way which they won’t do because they have better things to do than entertain a loser? That loser called last week but did hear me talking to my Friday night date about my short silver dress and silver strappy sandals. I also mentioned how I couldn’t wait to fuck him all night until the morning. I did. He spent the night Friday after dinner and the club. We went out for breakfast next day and spent the rest of the morning catching up with dvr recordings. Life is sweet.

It’s a very hot day here in L.A. and I had a morning by the pool working on an early summer tan. My guy was here earlier to apply oil to my back while on his lunch hour. We had a quickie and I sent him off. He is soooooo turned off by sissy losers that he asked me to not even mention his name. It begins with J. Can ya guess?

Helllloo to fucktard out there. Do you like this picture? Oh yes you can call me, dum dum.


Princess Britany