An Intense Stroke Session With Missile Dick

Last night I had a Ms Hunter loaner, the one I call missile dick because well duh, his dick looks like a missile. It was an intense stroke session with endless edging and interrogation. I was thoroughly entertained with his we-vibe cock ring controlled by the we connect app. Check out and get your kit for some frustrating cock control from a distance. Ms Hunter was at the controls bombarding missile dick with pulses. I ordered edge upon edge. After that, tan line dan as he is called by Ms Hunter, had to go to the tanning salon to keep those tan lines fresh. In the meantime he made a few cool memes to post here and send to him when I feel like it.

Intense Stroke Session With Missile Dick: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

G-Strings, Thongs, And Tan Lines, Oh My!

Now don’t you just love that belly ring? I remember dan requesting a call awhile back because of my belly ring. Really? is that all? ((giggle)) So the story goes, dan aka known as missile dick loves his g-stings of many colors. Down the road Ms Hunter thought tan lines created in a tanning booth would enhance the sexiness of the g-strings and thongs. Yes thongs are required now because things have to written on them with custom work. Right now he is devoting attention to the dispatchers. Missile dick is owned by a few of us Goddesses but never allowed to cum. Only Ms Hunter controls that.

The Humiliation Factor

Now that I know many of the secrets he and ms Hunter share, the humiliation begins. When he tunes into this blog, he will see the meme on the right and follow the order. Stroking time begins. I suggest he waits till after work to look at this site. This is for everyone too, drop your pants. Jacky boy may be disappointed because he can’t see my ass crack, nasty boy!

Free Ten Minutes Fridays

Besides the intense stroke session, for the duration of this month, we have some free minutes for you every Friday. You get a free ten minutes during a special time of day. Read that carefully as I am not in eastern time. I am a California girl. Another year goes by and this is our anniversary special. Look forward to more memes created by missile dick in the near future. I just love cock stroking sessions where I have no responsibility in the outcome. Ms Hunter owns this cock!!

Intense Stroke Session With Missile Dick: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Call Me Friday. Just Do It!

Yes, I expect to talk to you for these free phone sex minutes every Friday till the end of this month. If you have not talked to me before, don’t be afraid. I may be a bit intimidating because I am a Princess, but I am so much fun!

Princess Britany