Eat It For Me!!

Eat It For Me!!

Eat That Cum For Me!

Well I can’t be having this now….a drop in cum eating calls? It was brought to my attention today. I miss these calls, so controlling and demanding. Could it be that boys may not like the taste of it? I suggest to pepper it up as I once told you. Recipes need to be looked at, substituting cum for an ingredient here and there, preferably raw eggs. Cum, however has that salty sometimes bitter taste. Add a little sugar, cinnamon, and a dash of vanilla for a new flavor.

Cum Eating With Sugar On Top

Get these ingredients ready and call your bitch goddess diva for encouragement. Masturbation management is of course part of it, so a long and sexy tease and denial session will provide you with plenty of cum to pepper up.

Just Do It!

If I can get ready to eat cum, then so can you. What it takes is being a very submissive boy willing to serve his Princess. Is that you? I think it is! let’s start you out training with my pictures on this blog. Start with one a day, masturbating to 5 edges. On the fifth you can cum but must eat. Do it every day until you have finished with all pictures. Have fun and let me know how it went.


Princess Britany