Red Fishnets From the Pantyhose Slut

I received 2 pair of red fishnets from that sissified chastity fan pantyhose slut fuckie. Red fishnets look especially good with a blue denim skirt and a yellow blouse. For shoes, I choose a pair of blue kitten heel pumps to dangle off of my foot to get you hard and denied. As I laugh, you whimper and cry. Poor, poor  teased and tormented drooly mouthed sissy bitch you are.

Tranny Trainees

I have an army of sissy trainees from dressed up dolls to on the knee bi cocksuckers. The cocksuckers are the most fun because they act like they never have sucked cock before. I simply don’t believe that. Sometimes the dress up dolls tell me they are wearing this or that, but mostly they are naked stroking their little cocks dreaming of sissy heaven. This one boi I chat with loves the pastel pink dolly dresses while another likes the little black dress with pearls. It all depends on early memory and how early they began to dress. Personally, I love it when they try to dress like a princess, imitating me. That’s where the fun begins especially if they can fit in my clothes.

Tennis Outfits for Sissies

Speaking of fuckie, I’m wondering if this sissy got her tennis outfit as she was ordered to. Ms Cassandra  seems to think that he had another accident while teasing his cock. He is not allowed to tease his cock. he’s not even supposed to touch it. I’ll bet anything she soaped it up in the shower and got carried away. Now fuckie, you do sit down to pee, don’t you?


Princess Britany