Summer Is For Summer Ballbusting

I won’t be on the sizzling hot promo special, but I will most certainly be here to bust your balls with my summer hippy Birkenstocks. It’s way overdue for summer ballbusting. Peewee detailed the fact that the imprints on the soles of these sandals do soak up sweat and turn a nice shade of brown. Savory licking, after that, ballbusting. The taste of pleather aroma in the air makes summer foot fetishists swoon.

It's Time For Summer Ballbusting

The Vibrating Princess Foot

What do I like about ballbusting. I think it’s about the way my foot vibrates when I make a beeline to the target and I hear the squish. Summer ballbusting is more fun because the sweat off of my foot makes the area slippery and prone to more pain. It’s all in the slippage. Then the foot slave is ordered to clean the sweat off of my feet, pronto! Foot fetish and ballbusting go together like a dicklett and a cock cage.

Little Dick Ballbusting

I find that ballbusting is best with a little dick. Big dicks get in the way every time. No bueno. I like to put a crown on a big dick and declare it superior. It all depends on the big head, no brains, no go. A man can be all dick and have no brain which is seriously unattractive. A bimbo male belongs in a sissy clown outfit.


It's Time For Summer Ballbusting: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975Another way to bust balls is to spread the boy’s legs with a stretcher bar and take a leather paddle or crop and wap! It’s all in the wrist! About ten should do it nicely while the Birkenstock forms a gag. The ball of the foot makes a remarkable stain on the sandal and should be noted. It’s time to lick the whole sole.

Paddles And Crops

The Golden Princess being barefoot now decides it’s time to put the paddle down for kicking fun, right left right left. Then hopping on each foot makes a nice aerobic exercise. The masoIt's Time For Summer Ballbusting: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975chistic foot slave is soon delighted to get such attention from The Golden Princess.

XOX  Golden Princess Britany