What Is The Balloon Fetish

Just what is the balloon fetish? Just imagine all of the possibilities! Does the Princess have a bio yet up on the unusual phone sex fantasies yet? No she does not. The first one will be balloon fetish as I imagine you standing up in front of me ready for a push. This blog is my notebook for what goes into this bio. I expect your help if you have such a fetish. Is it the color of the balloons? The shape of them like the long one…ha, guess what dildo head. It’s such a quirky fetish that I have to spin my head around the possibilities.

It's Time For The Balloon Fetish Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Unusual Phone Sex Fantasies

So this is the new site that’s been up for about a month. I finally got to it and the balloon fetish caught my eye above everything. What is it? I have done medical, tickling, superhero stuff, but balloons? I imagine a few things relevant like falling onto them and popping. Balloons in my bra posing, two balloons in oversized panties giving me an exaggerated ass. Blowing air out of inflated balloons in your face. The sound of balloons being rubbed. Where does my imagination go?

It's Time For The Balloon Fetish Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Jerking You Off With Balloons..After All..You Didn’t Think I Was Gonna Do It With My Hand Did You?

Imagine two round balloons inflated to the maximum. It’s masturbation time and you have asked your Princess to jerk you off. She sweetly obliges you and you are stoked because she would never agree to it before. She is very dominant and considers jerking you off to be a submissive act. Out comes two highly inflated balloons and some lubricant. You are ordered to lube up that cock while she holds the two balloons. You had no idea how good masturbation is with balloons until at the moment of cumming, the balloons bust and you are totally freaked out.

Here Is Your Blow Job

Ordered to jerk off on your knees, Princess ties uninflated balloons to your dick from the the top, not base, three of them. She then blows them up proclaiming this is your blow job you have been begging for. I imagine with a balloon fetish there is a lot of popping the bubble for effects. They could have water added to be thrown at you. A closet full of them could be your bed for the night. Deflated in your ass may be fun, All pink balloons for sissies.

Tell Me Your Balloon Ideas!

Looks like I have plenty of ideas for this fetish. Step forward and comment if you have this kink going on. Ideas of what you think a good balloon fetish call would be. Get to work. I am so curious!

Princess Britany