Bend over and prepare to lick


Ready to lick my succulent gorgeous pantyhose clad feet? I suppose you imagine fuckie has bought me these. Nope. This is way before him. These hose are so silky and sexy, tasty and hot, sweet and salty. Get down!


The latest is sissy bitch chrissy called and wanted to fuck the princess. I couldn’t have that. A sissy simply does not get to fuck the princess. Instead I brought over a bull  and made it a cuckold fantasy where I was playing a game of tease and denial with chrissy when bull man came in. Bull man is not adverse to having a sissy suck his load out so, I told chrissy to earn his keep around here. I also threw in a she male for good measure. Go chrissy go!


Speaking of sissies of dicklessness, a boy from long ago called and begged me to not blog about him. I promised I wouldn’t but nothing can stop this brat from saying PEE WEE FAGGY PANTS! 🙂


Since today is Friday, I went to the pedi salon for my weekly pedicure. Today my toes are a beautiful sky blue.  I will have to get a shot of this color for all to see with a pair of open toed sandals. Sissy spotting! I saw a gurl way back in the corner looking a bit scared like his Mistress sent him out. I walked over after my pedi and asked in a very loud voice…did your Mistress send you here for an assignment??? LOL…awww, she shrunk in her chair and the asian attendant just laughed. kewel!


Princess Britany